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Why good headphones are required for modern gaming.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

If you are like me an 80s baby you grew up playing video games on Nintendo and Sega on a normal tube TV. That worked then but with modern games and 3D sound technology if you are still using your TV's speakers your missing out. Your not just missing out on high quality sound but your gaming is also massively impacted. You ever wonder how someone knew you were in that building and had the drop on you? Well it might have been that he could hear your in game footsteps and could tell which direction and how close they are to you all based on sound. If that doesn't sound like enough of a reason to step up your game here are a couple more reasons to invest in a good set of headphones. Headphones are essential to ESports because you need a mic to communicate with team members and high quality sound to give you a edge in the game. Investing in a high quality headset you get a higher level of durability, and comfort. When you are on a gaming binge the last thing you want is a headache from a headset that cant adjust properly to your head or cheap padding causing plastic pieces to poke you. I also don't have the smallest ears so if the headset doesn't fit properly it hurts my ears after an hour or more of use. One other hidden benefit of using a headset is that everyone around you will love you more. From your parents to your wife, not everyone wants to hear the explosions from that grenade you just used to wipe out the other team in Call of Duty, or the roar of the crowd in Madden. By using a headset you can and should turn down the volume on your TV or speakers because you won't need them, and others don't want to hear it. Also its important gamer etiquette to keep your volume down or off while using a headset so others don't have to hear your game or music while they are playing with you. I hope these reasons help you make a choice on purchasing a headset for gaming. I always suggest doing lots of product research to make sure that what your getting fits your specific needs such as size, fitment, plug requirements, mic, and sound specs. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say, any tips or recommendations please sign up and comment below.

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