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Where and when to find the new Xbox Series 1/S and PS5 units in the next week.

If you are like me then you have been anticipating the debut of the latest console offerings from Sony and Microsoft this year. Being that It's been seven years since we have seen a new console hit the market, it's created a pent up demand for something to replace the current models.

All of that demand would have been enough to cause its own issues with stock and sold out units, as we have seen this happen with past releases. But the change this year is that we have the added boost to gaming that has been the result of COVID-19, and the socially distanced society that has caused an unprecedented surge in demand. With this year's releases coinciding with new GPU (graphic processing unit) drops from AMD and Nvidia some of the extra need for new gaming power has been spread across PC platforms as well. This hopefully will help open up some supply for gamers looking to get a counsel before Christmas this year. But if you want to try your luck in snagging a unit in the next week here's your two best bets. Today at 3 PM EST and 12pm PST head to Walmart through the below links to try and get one today!

If you can't beat the hoards of gamers and bots that will be raiding Walmart's site and possibly crashing it as did on the counsel's release date, there's another opportunity. Next week Walmart will be at it again with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X for Black Friday, beginning at 7 p.m. EST in Nov. 25. If you fail yet again you can always keep clicking refresh on Bestbuy, Gamestop, and other retailers to hopefully catch a restock or stay tuned for more information.

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