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What you need to know if your interested in ESports

If your reading this it's probably because just as mentioned in the title you want to know more about ESports and how you can possibly take part. Well let's get started, ESports has been rising to popularity as a way to categorize, and legitimize competitive gaming in a way that physical sports have been for years. To many, video games are just for fun, but to a community of elite gamers they are much more then that. That community is what makes up ESports, and its more then just the professionals, its the fans, the viewers, and the enthusiasts who have turned this into a booming industry. Taking part in ESports is not far off from taking part in any typical sport, you can have your local amature teams and events. But if you want to play on the competitive level its a whole different ball game, and it requires a highly developed skill set in gaming. Sometimes professionals play one specific game or multiple games, but they must be focused, they must practice, and they take it seriously. If you are prepared to put in the level of work and dedication to learn all you can about a game and how to win at the objectives, you might be able to reach professional status. But before we make it sound easy remember that even though their are some very young players in the sport, it does take a level of time investment to reach the level of a professional player. But once you have, you still have to make a living which will normally include hours upon hours of gaming and streaming, all while producing content for your social media followers. You will also need to gain sponsor's to help support you, and partner with brands to promote products as ways to gain income. Now if this all sounds like too much for you, don't worry you can still participate through supporting your favorite player, game or platform. By staying up to date on the latest gaming news through #ESportsfornoobs and reading our blogs. Also through platforms such as Twitch you can watch elite players in action and gain some useful tips while your at it. The great thing about ESports is that with the variety of games in the space you will likely be able to find something you enjoy. But not only that, ESport's are not confined to a single platform and can be played on Xbox, Playstation and PC's allowing you to easily start playing the same games as the pro's from day one. So get out there and get started and remember unless your a pro its just a game and to have fun!

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