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Where To Buy Thomas The Train Wooden Railway [UPDATED]

Description: The recall involves wooden vehicles, buildings and other train set components for young children listed in the chart below. The front of the packaging has the logo "Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway" on the upper left-hand corner. A manufacturing code may be located on the bottom of the product or inside the battery cover. Toys marked with codes containing "WJ" or "AZ" are not included in this recall.

where to buy thomas the train wooden railway


If you want high quality, high play value wooden trains from the start, BRIO is your brand. Many parents I meet remember BRIO from their own childhoods, and I talk to lots of grandparents who are pulling BRIO train sets out of their attics to share with a new generation.

The Travel Switching Set was a very popular addition to our wooden railway. The Little Engineer loved that it came with two passenger trains, one red and one blue, with drivers dressed in colors to match their trains.

In style, quality, and range of available sets, Hape wooden trains kind of remind me of a blend of the practicality and innovation of BRIO and the whimsy and quality of Nuchi, a brand we really liked years ago that has sadly disappeared.

Our one and only PBK wooden train item in our original collection was a cute little firehouse that you could plug a wooden train track into. It had a button to push for some fire alarm sounds. But the paint was easily scratched, and the track connection was a tight fit and painted bright red, so it was hard to work with and also kept leaving red paint on our wooden train tracks. (I ended up wedging one of those rubberwood train tracks I talked about in the intro to this post into it permanently on purpose, to combine two annoyances into one.)

Most wooden train sets are rated for age two or three and up because of these dangers. Please take this into account when buying a trains set for your children, as well as their own stage of development when it comes to putting things in their mouths. We were fortunate that the Little Engineer was beyond the mouthing stage when he was only one year old, so we were able to buy wooden trains from the start of his interest in them. Even so, I did put a number of smaller pieces away until I was sure, and I always closely supervised him with his trains.

I greatly appreciate your expert opinions. One final question, do you have any experience, comments, concerns about the Melissa and Doug wooden train product and would this be a viable option? Thanks again for all the advise.

He is 6 now and will be 7 later this year. His interest in trains has shifted to other toys, but every now and then, he still plays with his Brio train sets and table. And when he does, I can still see the joy and excitement in his little face that reminds me of when he was just a toddler learning about wooden trains. We even created a new set up this past Christmas. Just like old times.

It is a bittersweet feeling watching my son grow out of his love of wooden trains. Makes me cherish every moment we have together. No toys out there that are quite like wooden trains and playsets and tables.

The Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Expansion Clackety Track Pack can inspire young conductors to expand their wooden Thomas & Friends world for even more railway play. Kids can roll any Wooden Railway Steam Team engine along the 22 Clackety Track pieces to hear satisfying sounds. (Engines sold separately and subject to availability). More Sodor adventures await when little conductors connect the expansion track pieces to any Wooden Railway train set.

Finally, I am so happy that Fisher-Price is making steps toward sustainable production with FSC wood and packaging as well. The only cons that I have with this new line is that to make a train set you have to purchase all of the separately sold components and tracks which can get quite expensive. Also, Fisher-Price decided to do away with all of their all-in-one train sets and have gone to this build-your-own-train set with each piece which can get quite costly. Also, the engines are for ages 2 years plus however the rest of the line such as destinations and track is for ages 3 years plus. This can be confusing to the consumer for what age is safe and appropriate for their line of Thomas wooden toys. Overall, well done Fisher-Price for your new Thomas and Friends wooden railroad updates!

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway (originally known as the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway System until 2000) is a toy range of wooden train sets and vehicles based on Thomas and Friends. It was first produced by Learning Curve and released in 1993 and continued work for nearly two decades. Learning Curve's parent company, RC2, was purchased by Tomy in 2011; production continued under the latter until 2013. The license to the range was subsequently sold to Mattel, and their subsidiary Fisher-Price has been producing the line until 2017, where it was redesigned into Thomas Wood. The range returned to the previous Thomas Wooden Railway name and track connection system in 2022 following the discontinuation of Thomas Wood.

Learning Curve was founded by John W. Lee in 1992. Following the success of the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends television series in the United States, the company gained the license to produce a wooden railway system based on the Thomas franchise overseen by Roy Wilson, although the ERTL Company had prototyped a set (that was ultimately never released) with wooden track, cutout wooden trees, and cutout wooden buildings around 1990. The line was first released in February 1993 during the American International Toy Fair. The original vehicles were constructed mainly from painted maple wood with flat metal coupling magnets, axles and plastic for the wheels and faces, and stapled together underneath. These vehicles, which were primarily based on illustrations used in material such as the official magazines, were relatively simple, with simple wooden stubs for the funnel and dome, as well as painted coal in tenders. Buildings, destinations, bridges, tunnels, and accessories were crafted with printed illustrations, and the wooden track was designed as a standard plain track. Production took place in the United States, in Buffalo and Arcade, New York.

Connect your Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play sets together with any wooden railway wooden train tracks! This simple adapter is designed specifically for little hands to easily connect the different tracks together. For even more fun, we've included four NiteBrite (glow-in-the-dark!) dog bones!

Wooden Railway worked alongside BRIO and other wooden train brands due to using a nearly-identical track system. However, its successor, Wood, has a different track connecting system, thus ending compatibility with other brands, though adapters for the older Wooden Railway track pieces have been made and released.

The train set was only produced in 1967, and is now extremely rare. It is notable as the last O Gauge train to be made at Meccano's famous Binns Road factory in Liverpool, where the Hornby tinplate trains were made.

Other products made by Hornby apart from the O-scale range was a range of clockwork 'Playtrains'. The range first featured Thomas and Percy in sets using 00 track. A new range was then released featuring Thomas, Percy, Toby, Bill and Ben, Annie and Clarabel, and Troublesome Trucks, which ran on red track. The track system also used a playmat similar to a Trak-Mat where additional track and buildings could be placed on the mat illustrations. A battery-powered set featuring Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and Bertie the Bus was also released, which allowed a story recreation of Thomas and Bertie's race. Thomas was unpowered, being pushed along by a motor in Annie.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway (1992-2017, 2022-), formerly called Thomas & Friends Wood (2017-2021); is a wooden railway system designed and created by Learning Curve. It is one of two Wooden Railway lines that feature the characters from Thomas & Friends. The other is BRIO. However, this is the only line to feature characters from The Railway Series. 041b061a72


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