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[S3E22] Road Kill !NEW!

The ending of the The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 22 definitely sent Tom for a loop, and it switched directions, or at least began the diverging of paths that could lead us down the road to answers on that potential spin-off show.

[S3E22] Road Kill


I did wish we had a little more from the FBI team, but it was good to see them all coming together for Agnes' christening. And it was a sweet moment with Tom talking to them about being family, even if it was a dysfunctional one where they occasionally tried to kill each other.

"The Show Must Go On" is the twenty-second episode, and the season finale, of the third season of One Tree Hill and the 67th produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on May 3, 2006. On the eve of their wedding, Nathan worries for Haley's safety while Peyton and Brooke's friendship is tested by a shock confession. Deb tells Dan the truth about the dealership fire when she learns who he thinks was responsible, and Karen finds herself needing Keith more than ever when she makes a startling discovery.

In the car, Rachel eventually stops and pulls into a layby as Cooper gets out yelling at her asking if she wants to kill her and if she's stupid as Rachel tells him she must be for falling in love with him. Cooper tells her he did like her, but he was not wanting to get serious and thought she didn't either, but Rachel notices the past tense and begins to cry, calling herself stupid. Cooper offers to take her back to the ceremony because she has her purse there and they can pretend like it never happened. Back at the ceremony, Haley and Nathan are forced to leave in their car due to their limo being stole, and they set off to London for their honeymoon. Brooke tells Mouth about Rachel going off with Cooper as Lucas approaches and asks to finish the conversation, but Brooke just asks to dance and asks why he didn't call and if he didn't miss her. Lucas assures her he did and it was just because he was angry. Haley and Nathan are driving away happily. With purple flowers in her hands, she puts the bracelet on Nathan saying 'don't say I never gave you anything.' Back at the ceremony, Lucas tells Peyton he told Brooke about the kiss as he goes to find his mom's purse to go home. As he goes in one of the identical bag, he finds a pregnancy test and asks his mom if she is pregnant, and Karen tells him she is, but that isn't her purse and thinks Brooke may have mixed up the purses, meaning she might be pregnant.

Brooke packs her stuff to leave Peyton's house, as Peyton begs her to stay but Brooke tells her that they are no longer friends and if they never speak again, she would be ok with it. She walks out saying Peyton just blew the second chance she gave her. Meanwhile, Rachel continues to try and get Cooper back in the limo. As he tells her there's no chance, Rachel tells him there's something she needs to tell him. In Nathan's car, Haley realizes she has also left her purse at the ceremony which has the plane tickets in and they need to go back. Nathan rings Lucas and asks him to bring it up and they arrange to meet at the Molina Bridge. Haley then tells Nathan she needs to tell him something. Back in the limo, Cooper tells Rachel he doesn't believe her as Rachel tells him to pull over. As he refuses as he wants to talk about it, she grabs the steering wheel skidding it across the road, where Nathan and Haley are driving down. Haley screams to tell Nathan to look out, forcing him to swerve across the road as the limo breaks through the barrier and with Rachel and Cooper trapped inside plummets into the lake. The two lie unconscious inside as Nathan and Haley stand at the bridge. Nathan jumps in as Haley begs him not to. He swims down as Haley screams after him. Dan gets home to find 'murderer' written in red paint on his wall. Peyton burns the picture of her, Brooke and Lucas shooting a heart. As Lucas drives with the purses, Haley screams on the bridge as Nathan gets into the car to get Rachel and Cooper out and realizes he is stuck himself. Haley screams at the bridge as Nathan's dream comes true, with him in the water. Haley's bracelet surfaces in the lake as Nathan, Cooper and Rachel stay trapped underneath.

Darryl gets a bad feeling too after his boss shows him Shax's attack on TV, and calls the manor to warn the sisters. Prue turns the TV on to find footage of their battle and Elana standing outside the manor. A crowd of reporters and onlookers besieges the manor as Darryl approaches. His captain wants to question the sisters. Leo orbs in; the Elders are aware of the situation and want the sisters to figure out how to minimize the damage, fast. Piper thinks it's a sign their Charmed careers are over, but Prue thinks it's just one more test in a year filled with them. Prue and Piper ask Leo to orb them to the hospital to get Griffiths, believing Shax will take another run at him. However, Leo can't orb them there lest Whitelighters be exposed as well. They fight through a gauntlet of reporters and onlookers, including a self-proclaimed witch named Alice Hicks who claims to be one of them. Cole warns Phoebe to leave before he kills her but Phoebe smashes her potion on his back and she and Cole embrace and kiss. She wants him to take her back to the manor, but Cole fears that the Source is still after him.

Prue thinks that Cole can get in touch with Tempus. Leo is reluctant to orb to the Underworld; Prue and Piper won't be able to call for him, in case things get much worse. However, Piper isn't worried; everything should work out once time resets and convinces Leo to go, believing things couldn't possibly get worse. Cole wants to get Phoebe out of danger; apparently something has happened to merit the Source coming down himself. Leo orbs in and warns of the exposure. He asks Cole to contact the Source to try to find Tempus. Cole is skeptical at first, but Leo tells him that this is the reason the Source has come. Leo suggests that Cole pass this off as his idea. The Source is reluctant, and still angry with Cole. The Source also knows that Cole is really trying to save Phoebe, and only agrees to summon Tempus if Phoebe remains in the underworld. Cole tells him that Phoebe would never join them, but the Source warns that one of her sisters is about to be killed, and is confident that she'll do anything in exchange to save her sisters' lives.

Prue and Piper put a table against the door in case the reporters barge in, and discuss what they were going to do next. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard, and Piper collapses to the ground after having been shot through the back. Most of her midsection has been blown away, and the front of her shirt quickly fills with blood. Alice is brandishing a high-powered rifle; she fired into the manor in hopes of killing the "evil witches." Alice is promptly taken down and arrested. Leo is still in the underworld, and cannot help. Prue tries to drive Piper to the hospital, but the crowd obstructs them and Elana and her team pepper her with questions. At last, Prue snaps and starts flinging the crowd away. The crowd scatters, and Prue and Piper rush to the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Piper is rushed into the emergency room and dies as Dr. Griffiths tries to save her. As Prue cries over her sister's body, a SWAT guard is stationed at the door. Cole tells Phoebe of the Source's terms, and that one of her sisters is dead. As Prue cries for her sister, a SWAT team approaches. They try to apprehend Prue, but she flings them back out and bars the door. Leo orbs in and is grieved to find his wife dead. He returns to Cole and Phoebe, and Phoebe immediately knows Piper has died. She agrees to the Source's terms, provided that Cole warn Prue and Piper of Shax once time is reset. The Source also agrees, but secretly orders Cole detained and Phoebe killed.

  • Tropes: Asshole Victim: It's implied that Prue killed and/or seriously injured a lot of people in her Roaring Rampage of Revenge. All said people were invading her privacy and actively preventing her from driving her sister to the hospital.

  • Sort of with Dr Griffiths. In the timeline where he's saved and magic exposed, he's seen giving an interview to the press to get his fifteen minutes of fame. But time is reset and he's killed by Shax before he can do this.

  • Ax-Crazy: Alice, the wannabe witch. When the Charmed Ones reject her, she retaliates by shooting Piper.

  • Blatant Lies: Dr. Griffiths promises to keep the Charmed Ones' secret safe, yet is later seen doing a TV interview about them. The argument could be made that since The Masquerade was already broken, he felt there was no point keeping quiet.

  • Broken Masquerade: The pictures of the Charmed Ones engaging Shax are broadcast on TV. The vanquish of Shax in plain sight later down the road does not help.

  • Broken Pedestal: Sort of for Alice, the fan of the Charmed Ones. When she breaks into their house, Prue uses her powers to throw her outside. This prompts her to shoot Piper.

  • Captain Morgan Pose : Dr. Griffiths takes this stance during his TV interview.

  • Cast from Lifespan: The Source reveals that Tempus' power of time manipulation is this, and that rewinding time would kill him.

  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with Piper and Prue dying and Phoebe stuck in the underworld, possibly being killed herself.

  • Deal with the Devil: The Source offers to have Tempus rewind time if Phoebe switches sides, saying it will save Piper's life. Once it's agreed, though, the Source plans to have Phoebe killed and leave the others to be killed by Shax.

  • Deconstruction: The film deconstructs Prue's status as The Ace that she benefitted from for three seasons. Every reckless decision Prue makes in the name of saving an innocent causes problems for her and her sisters. She ends up Killed Off for Real as a result of her foolish behaviour.

  • Despair Event Horizon: Prue reaches one when Piper is shot - and resorts to using her powers on innocents to clear them out of the way.

  • Dodgy Toupee: Dr Griffiths reappears being interviewed about the sisters on TV wearing one.

  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference: In this episode The Source is shown wearing a red cloak with an elaborately decorated collar over black robes. He also appears to have wings and is shown holding a sword. The look is far more elaborate than the black hooded robe the character will start wearing next season.

  • Enemy Mine: The Charmed Ones and the Source of All Evil temporarily unite to fix the Masquerade.

  • Fan Disservice: Piper in her bra? How about in her bra while bleeding out from being shot and dying on the operating table.

  • Foregone Conclusion: It becomes pretty obvious early on that the episode is heading towards a Reset Button Ending, especially after a mention of Tempus and Piper's death. The cost of it, however...

  • Get Out!: Prue to Dr. Griffiths and his attendants after Piper dies.

  • Hate Sink: Elana is a ruthless journalist who gleefully invades the Halliwells' lives for her story. She's the one who also broadcasts their address on the news, leading to the crowds surrounding it. And even when she can see Piper bleeding to death and Prue trying to drive her to the hospital, she just keeps trying to get an interview.

  • Hero with Bad Publicity: "They think we're the demons now."

  • I'm Cold... So Cold...: "Prue? I'm cold."

  • Informed Ability: Alice claims she is a witch but we never see any demonstrations of her powers - but it would explain how she got past the barricade into the house and managed to shoot Piper in broad daylight.

  • Magical Defibrillator: Subverted when Piper flatlines after getting shot. The doctors break out the defibrillator to try and revive her but it doesn't work. Unlike when this happened in "Awakened" she's already passed on by the time Leo gets to her so his Healing Hands can't save her.

  • Pragmatic Villainy: The Source in spades. He has Tempus rewind time in order to fix the Broken Masquerade. However, before time is reversed, he tells an underling to have Cole detained and Phoebe killed, so that he can still use this situation to be rid of his enemies for good.

  • Rage-Breaking Point: After Piper is shot and the media circus won't get out of the way, Prue loses it and starts using her telekinesis to make them move.

  • Reset Button Ending: The Source agrees to call on Tempus to rewind back time at the end of the episode. Subverted with Phoebe, Leo, Cole and everybody else in the underworld being unaffected.

  • Riddle for the Ages: The reason why Griffith was targeted. Whatever the specifics, it was so important that the Source's top assassin was sent after him.

  • Small Role, Big Impact: Alice's role in the episode is so small she's not even billed until the end credits (important guest stars get billing in the opening titles), and yet she's the one who fatally shoots Piper, which is what motivates Phoebe to make the deal with the Source and allow time to be reset.

  • Tempting Fate: Before Leo Orbs down to the underworld Piper sarcastically asks him how much more trouble they could get in while he's away. Shortly afterwards she's fatally shot by Alice. To make matters worse, once time is reset she survives but Prue dies instead.Piper: Honey, what more trouble could we possibly get in to? Besides, once time resets itself then everything should be fine.

  • They Would Cut You Up: Piper worries that one of the consequences of their magic being exposed is the CIA taking them all away to be dissected.Piper: We're gonna do talk shows and book signings and movie deals, and then taken by the CIA and dissected. Prue: How can you joke be joking about this, Piper? Piper: Who's joking?

  • This Is Unforgivable!: The Source says Cole's betrayal can never be forgiven.

  • Wham Shot: Piper and Prue are panicking over being outed as witches. Prue frets that "Our entire future, our entire destiny could be wiped out just like that". Piper gasps and the camera pans down to reveal a bloody gunshot wound passing through her chest.

  • What Are You:Griffths: What are you?! Shax: The end.



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