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Guide to Effectively Viewing European Betting Odds

For newcomers to football betting, Asian Handicap, over/under, and parlay bets can be quite complex. Therefore, European odds are a perfect choice for those starting with football betting. Betting according to European odds is straightforward and easy. Moreover, it is a common type of odds offered by all online bookmakers today. Here's a guide on how to effectively view European odds on bet win tips for beginners.

What Are European Betting Odds?

To know how to view European odds on Wintips, you need to understand what European odds are. European odds are considered easy to play, easy to understand, and easy to win big. They are not as complicated as Asian Handicap, which involves handicapping the stronger and weaker teams, or over/under bets based on the number of goals.

European odds, also known as 1X2 odds, involve only three terms: win, lose, and draw. On the odds table provided by bookmakers, you will see a column labeled "1X2," which represents the European odds for you to choose from.

Betting Format:

The format is based on reputable bookmakers’ assessments of which team is stronger and which is weaker. Therefore, when placing a bet, players only need to choose which team will win, which team will lose, or bet on a draw.

1X2 Symbols:

  • 1: Home team win

  • X: Draw

  • 2: Away team win

When participating, players simply need to refer to the odds given by the bookmaker and choose to bet on a win, loss, or draw. Betting according to European odds is straightforward; just look at the odds table provided by the bookmakers to understand what you need to do.

How to View European Odds on Wintips for Beginners

Basically, you already have an idea of how European odds are analyzed in matches. However, to accurately assess and make winning bets, you need to understand how to view the European odds provided by different bookmakers.

How to Read European Odds on Wintips

Wintips is a website that compiles all betting experiences, information about best online bookmaker, and details about matches. To view European odds on Wintips, visit wintips and select the "Odds" category. A window will display the odds for different matches.

On Wintips, you will find European odds, Asian odds, over/under odds, and European odds. For example, in the Spanish La Liga match between Cadiz and Elche on January 17, 2023, Wintips provides odds for the first half or the entire match. Players just need to look at the 1X2 column to choose their bet.

First Half Betting Example:

  • If you bet on Cadiz to win the first half with a stake of $100 and the odds are 2.67, you will receive $100 x 2.67 = $267 if Cadiz wins the first half. If Elche wins or the half ends in a draw, you lose your $100 bet.

  • If you bet on Elche to win the first half with odds of 4.65 and Elche wins, you will receive $100 x 4.65 = $465.

  • If you bet on a draw with odds of 2.04 and the half ends in a draw, you will receive $100 x 2.04 = $204.

Full Match Betting Example:

  • If you bet on Cadiz to win, you will receive $100 x 1.96 = $196.

  • If you bet on Elche to win, you will receive $100 x 4.25 = $425.

  • If you bet on a draw, you will receive $100 x 3.4 = $340.

The match between Cadiz and Elche ended in a 0-0 draw.

Thus, reading European odds on Wintips is simple and easy. However, making accurate predictions during football betting is not easy.

Tips for Viewing European Odds on Wintips Effectively

Before viewing European odds on Wintips, check the information around the match you plan to bet on in categories like football predictions, match previews, and rankings. Gather information about the match, team lineup, injured players, and expert opinions before looking at the betting odds.

For beginners, when choosing a team to bet on, it is wise to follow the majority opinion. Treat your first bet as an experience to compare public opinion with your own judgment. Also, start with small stakes. Small bets will prevent you from being shocked by losses and from losing rationality with wins.

When you win your first bet, keep a clear head. Novice players often get lucky initially. Even if you win, don’t bet your entire bankroll on the next game. Bet small to play longer and gain more experience.

One important tip for betting according to Wintips’ odds is to balance your finances. Don’t get carried away and neglect to check your financial status. Regularly checking your bankroll helps you stay balanced and reminds you to stop at the right time.

A simple but often overlooked detail: In European odds on Wintips, the team with higher odds is considered weaker. So, for beginners, it’s safer to bet on teams with lower odds.

Why choose teams with lower odds?

Because when setting lower odds, the new betting site has assessed the team’s strength and performance. Check their odds stability through Wintips statistics. If their odds are stable, it indicates good performance, making them a safer bet.

Each bookmaker offers different odds for a match, so the way to view odds varies. However, the basic knowledge provided will help you better understand how to analyze each match’s odds. Winning bets depend on many factors, and I hope the shared knowledge boosts your confidence in making accurate predictions.


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