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Buy Royal Crest Eggnog

Families have argued over eggnog for generations. Some love it, and some hate it. Rarely do families agree on this traditional holiday beverage. There is even debate over the spelling of eggnog, with eggnog and egg-nog also being acceptable. This rich dairy beverage contains a significant flavor of nutmeg and often appears at holiday gatherings.

buy royal crest eggnog

While there are some differing stories, a common belief is that eggnog began in Europe. "As early as the 13th century, medieval monks in Britain were known to drink posset, a warm ale punch with eggs and figs. Over the years, this likely merged with the various milk and wine punches often served at social gatherings."

With dozens of brands of eggnog available, the argument over who has the best eggnog may never cease. Though, I just have to advocate for the eggnog available by Royal Crest Dairy. If you subscribe to milk deliveries from Royal Crest, be sure to add a quart or two of this deliciousness. Royal Crest also has a lower-fat eggnog that is still full of flavor and body. If you don't currently receive deliveries from Royal Crest, check your local Sprouts Farmers Market. They have carried Royal Crest eggnog in the past.

I did tweak the buttercream recipe a bit to make the eggnog flavor more pronounced. I added probably another 1/3 to 1/2 cup of eggnog, more nutmeg, some cinnamon, and a little bit of vanilla extract. It was delicious! I used leftover eggnog buttercream frosting to frost carrot cupcakes, and those came out great too. These two recipes are definite keepers! Thank you Heather!

@n - Where can I purchase the Meadowbrook eggnog? @chrisck - I agree with you on the alcohol, but it seemed it would be a bit unfair to use adulterated eggnog for the taste test. I think the hooch might have brought a certain bias to the operation.

Not sure if it's at Honest Weight, the milk can be purchased there. Chuck may only deliver the eggnog to his home delivery customers. You could always ask a friend who gets milk delivered to order you some. (Find a parent with lots of children who drink lots of milk who want BGH free milk -- and they may get their milk from Meadowbrook)

I am proud to be a member of the Buy-Low Foods family. Here at Burnaby Parkcrest, our staff are dedicated to serving our customers and our community. We aim to create an experience of excellence in both quality and service, with that feeling of family across the many generations working in our store. 041b061a72


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