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Flash Point: Fire Rescue Download PC Game

Coordinate a squad of firefighters as they navigate the hazards of a structural fire in search of the survivors trapped inside. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a turn-based strategy port of the acclaimed board game. A unique tactical firefighting experience to enjoy with your family and friends.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue Download PC Game

Flash point: fire service Is a casual turn-based indie strategy game that explores the complex everyday life of firefighters who face danger every day. There are modes that allow you to complete tasks in co-op, as well as speed competitions between two teams or against each other. The single player campaign is filled with missions, dangerous alerts and achievements from the rewards list, which will motivate you to fulfill the requirements more diligently and without delay. The game collects statistical data in order to systematize the numbers obtained and put them on the leaderboard, where users from all over the world compete against each other.

The player has not one firefighter but a whole brigade at his disposal, which makes him think and use team tactics to successfully complete the task. The game uses an isometric view of what is happening, with free movement around the territory. This allows you to see the problem from all angles and plan actions several steps in advance.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is an amazingly, thematic cooperative game in which 2-6 players take on different firefighter roles to save victims from a burning building. You can choose from 8 specialists in the base game each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Action points decide turns, while dice rolls advance the fire (I dont typically like dice games, but this randomness makes sense for this one). Think you have things under control? Oh no an explosion!! Hopefully the building wont collapse because too much structural damage is an automatic loss. There are four levels of play available: family and 3 experienced levels, recruit, veteran and heroic, making this a game you can play with gamers and non-gamers alike. Specialists include the CAFS Firefighter (gets extra action points to extinguish fire), the Hazmat Tech (can take out Hazardous Materials efficiently), the Imaging Tech (can check on victims remotely), the Fire Captain (can commend other players to move), Driver/Operator (can spray the hose on the fire truck), Paramedic (can treat victims, making them easier to carry out), Rescue Specialist (gets extra movement AP), and the Generalist (has 5 base AP). With many expansions/new game boards this has incredible replay ability.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a game about a fictitious conflict on one of the Sakhalin islands, a conflict that is in danger of erupting onto a global scale. The player takes the role of a US soldier, part of the allied force fighting against outnumbering Chinese forces vying for control of the island. The game centers on a campaign narrative that gives the player a variety of roles in the allied forces ranging from a Marine Infantry, tank commander, Special Forces and helicopter captain. The game has an incredible realistic depiction of war with careful attention to the detail of the weapons, equipment and tactics of the armed forces. The action is varied from intense fire fights through to slower pace tactical decision making on how to best tackle the mission objectives.

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Controls and graphics are typical of real-time strategy (RTS) games: the left-mouse button selects unit(s) and the right-mouse button commands movement or action(s) of the selected unit(s). The camera uses typical isometric angles of the RTS genre. Missions in Emergency usually start off with a short cinematic cutscene to familiarize the player with the situation. The missions take on a standard system of events in numerical order, each individual mission harder and more demanding than the last. Each mission requires players to carefully choose which units to deploy to effectively handle the incident. Since Emergency 5, missions (renamed events) take on a different system. All events of a campaign, multiplayer, or free play mode can be attended in one game session without loading screens. Between each major event, the player deals with standard dynamic emergencies such as car accidents, medical emergencies, crimes, fires, missing persons, pipeline ruptures or others.[1]

While all games of the main and spin-off series can be played offline and in single-player mode, an online cooperative multiplayer mode is also supported since Emergency 4. Emergency HQ can only be played with a continuous internet connection, which is usual for multiplayer mobile games. Emergency HQ lacks a multiplayer mode, instead having clan-like rescue alliances where players can communicate via in-game chat and help each other by loaning units for their missions. Every player can create such a rescue alliance and invite other players. These alliances compete against other alliances in the league, where the combined scores of the active alliance members are compared.

Emergency: Fighters for Life is the first game in the Emergency series. Released on July 31, 1998 it has 30 scenarios, which are ordered by increasing difficulty. The scenarios include, for example, an accident at a race track, a plane crash, a flood, a traffic accident and a bomb threat, as well as scenarios based on true events such as Ramstein airshow disaster. Players can choose from up-to 20 different rescue vehicles.

In Emergency 3, players can use deploy more than 25 different rescue vehicles. Previously divided into police, fire and emergency medical services, Emergency 3 introduced technical forces, geared to handle a wide variety of miscellaneous issues formerly resolved by other units. As a result, the mobile crane and bridge layer vehicle were moved under them from the fire department. Tech units are, however, always referred to as "technical assistants", as the German term "THW" would have created trademark violations.

Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life contains 20 missions and the Endless and Challenge free play modes. It is also the first in the series to support multiplayer gameplay.The deluxe release includes three extra missions, support for voice commands, plus some additional game features. The game allows the player to use over 25 emergency vehicles plus varieties of rescue personnel. The abilities of the TEC forces have been extended since their addition in Emergency 3: fire department bulldozers have returned from Emergency 2 as Tech wheel loaders for obstacle removal, while the new recovery helicopter and its winch allows engineers to access and rescue people in unreachable, grounded locations. The medical rescue helicopter has been downgraded into a standard air ambulance.

This is a new version of Emergency 5, containing several new vehicles, 5 new missions, as well as a medieval mission featuring plague doctors. Some new mechanics are added in the game as well, for instance, police officers are equipped with pistols unlike the original Emergency 5 version, which limited this firearm to be exclusively for SWAT operatives.

In Emergency for mobile devices, the player controls 18 different units of firefighters, ambulance, police and technical service. The game includes 13 different catastrophe scenarios and was released in June 2012 for Apple iOS and in March 2013 for Android. Six more catastrophe scenarios can be added via two In-game purchases, each adding three scenarios.

Emergency HQ is the first Free-to-play-Spin-Off for Android and iOS. The game was released in 2018.[14] In the missions, the player calls the needed rescue units and gives them orders via tapping a button in their ring menu and selecting a target. After completing a mission successfully, the player gets coins and mission points. With the coins, players can upgrade their vehicles and buildings, as well as buy decorations for their base. With the earned mission points, players can climb the leaderboard of their league. Players can also form rescue alliances and support each other. Typically for a Free-to-play game, waiting times for upgrades can be decreased with a premium currency that can be purchased with real money.

Well, XDA's fantastic developer community has once again come to the rescue. Based on a boot ROM-exploit originally discovered by XDA Senior Member xyz`, developers Dinolek and k4y0z have come up with a generic bypass method, which is compatible with a wide variety of MediaTek-powered devices that would otherwise require authentication while flashing. The method, which makes use of SoC-specific exploit payloads, intercepts the pre-flash queries made by SP Flash Tool and forcefully set the values of two crucial parameters ("Serial Link Authentication" and "Download Agent Authentication") as false in order to continue the flashing process without any kind of authorization. 041b061a72


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