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XING The Land Beyond-CODEX Crack Free

He was reaching for the weapon even as the doors to his throne room were smashed open with a thunderous boom. Two crackling arrows cut through the air and pierced his robes, pinning him to his throne. Even as he ripped himself free, his attacker stormed into the throne room, her eyes blazing with fury. The crowd of supplicants and courtiers melted away before her divine wrath, fleeing in all directions.

XING The Land Beyond-CODEX Crack Free

Which, of course, she could. There was no doubt in her mind. Was she not Ishtar the conqueror? Ishtar, who had walked into the lands of the dead and emerged unscathed? Ishtar, who had humbled the very mountains? Ishtar, who saw what she wanted and took it, as only a god could. And what she wanted now was the secret behind whatever power had freed Tiamat and subsequently changed the world. And the world had changed in some way, though she could not say how or why.


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