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Jurassic Park III(dubbed) Tamil Dubbed Movie

Jurassic Park III(dubbed) tamil dubbed movie

Jurassic Park III is a 2001 American science fiction adventure film directed by Joe Johnston and the third installment in the Jurassic Park franchise. The film stars Sam Neill, Téa Leoni, William H. Macy, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, and Michael Jeter. It follows a group of people who are stranded on Isla Sorna, the island from the second film, after a plane crash and are hunted by genetically engineered dinosaurs.

The film was released in the United States on July 18, 2001 and received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the special effects, action sequences, and Neill's performance, but criticized the script, characters, and lack of originality. It was a box office success, grossing $368 million worldwide against a budget of $93 million.


The film was dubbed in Tamil and released in India as Jurassic Park III (Tamil). The Tamil dubbing was done by Thrillers Film Factory Sri Lanka, a company that specializes in dubbing Hollywood movies into Tamil with humorous dialogues and slang. The Tamil dubbing of Jurassic Park III is considered to be one of the funniest and most popular dubbed movies in India.

The Tamil dubbing of Jurassic Park III features many hilarious moments and jokes that are not present in the original English version. For example, when Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) sees a Spinosaurus for the first time, he says "Oh my God! It's a dinosaur!" in English, but in Tamil he says "Oh my God! It's a crocodile!" Another example is when Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) tries to distract the Spinosaurus by throwing a flare, he says "Hey! Over here!" in English, but in Tamil he says "Hey! Come here! I have biryani for you!" Biryani is a popular rice dish in India.

The Tamil dubbing of Jurassic Park III also adds some references to Tamil culture and politics. For instance, when Billy Brennan (Alessandro Nivola) uses a 3D printer to make a replica of a Velociraptor's resonating chamber, he says "This is a miracle of science!" in English, but in Tamil he says "This is a miracle of Jayalalithaa!" Jayalalithaa was a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and a popular political leader. Another example is when Udesky (Michael Jeter) is attacked by two Velociraptors, he screams "Help me!" in English, but in Tamil he screams "Help me! Karunanidhi! Rajinikanth!" Karunanidhi and Rajinikanth are two famous personalities in Tamil Nadu politics and cinema respectively.

The Tamil dubbing of Jurassic Park III has gained a cult following among Tamil-speaking audiences who enjoy its comedy and entertainment value. The film has been uploaded on YouTube by various users and has received millions of views and likes. The film has also inspired many memes and parodies on social media platforms.

If you are looking for a fun and hilarious way to watch Jurassic Park III, you can check out the Tamil dubbed version on YouTube or Netflix. You can also watch the original English version on Netflix or JioCinema. Whichever version you choose, you are sure to have a thrilling and enjoyable time with Jurassic Park III.


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