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Ask any Ultimate Team player and they’ll be tempted to say there are a ton of changes they’d like to see made in FC 25 Coins. But here are five changes I think most players would like to see.

Duplicates Collection Book:Have you ever opened a pack and every player you got was a duplicate? If you play Ultimate Team regularly you know the feeling and it’s not a pleasant one. Since most packs in Ultimate Team are untradable, your options for untradable players are to take the loss and sell quickly or recycle into SBCs, which can be time consuming and if you choose to leave the items unassigned for later use you can’t open any packs in the meantime.

This seems like a very avoidable problem and I’m surprised EA hasn’t introduced some sort of duplicate storage, so EA FC 25 might be the perfect time to do so. I think having duplicate storage in the form of a collection book would be welcomed by the UT community and it could also offer some sort of rewards program if you can collect all the players for a certain team or league.

Icon Manager:We have Icon players, so why not Icon Managers? Icon Managers feature some of the best coaches in history who can act like Icon players and enhance chemistry, while they can also have certain tactical visions to help improve the Ultimate Team squad, similar to the tactical vision in Career Mode.

For too long Ultimate Team has had an unresolved manager problem, and considering they play such an important role in real life, I think it's time they got the attention they deserve.

Unlimited Rewards:I know this might sound a little crazy, but hear me out. Oftentimes, if you play Ultimate Team a lot, you'll complete all the available levels in the season objective before the season refreshes, so you end up collecting XP for nothing. Unlimited

Rewards put players who reach the end level into a loop, and every time they get a certain amount of XP to complete the loop, they get a reward, ensuring that the XP earned isn't wasted.

Get a Reward for Quitting During Draws:This is something the Ultimate Team community has been calling for for years, and I think EA FC 25 needs to implement this. Especially in the championship final, a lot of toxic players quit when the score is tied, rather than letting you win, and if your opponent quits when the game is tied, you should get the win.

Not only would this stop players from quitting the game midway and cheap EA FC 25 Coins reduce toxicity, but it would also help EA gain support from the community.


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