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Predict the World Cup 2022 Champion Accurately and Win Up to 8,888,000 VND at BK8 Sports

As the World Cup 2022 season intensifies, with top contenders for the coveted World Cup trophy gradually emerging, football betting bk8, a reputable betting platform, has launched an exciting prediction event for its members. The "Predict the World Cup Champion" event offers a generous prize pool of up to 8,888,000 VND at various sports providers. Let's delve into the details of this event below.


The World Cup 2022 prediction event is now underway, running from November 15th, 2022, to December 19th, 2022 (GMT+8). Here are the specifics:

Time and Prediction Points

Participants in this event stand a chance to win enticing prizes based on their accumulated prediction points:

Ranking Required Points Prize (in VND) 1 44 points 8,888 2 Minimum 40 points 6,888 3 5,888 4 Minimum 35 points 3,888 5 2,888 6 1,888 7 Minimum 32 points 888 8 588 9 288 10 188

Note: The VND currency will be converted to 1000 dong. For example, VND 8,888 equals 8,888,000 dong.

How to Participate in the World Cup 2022 Prediction Event

To join BK8's World Cup 2022 prediction event, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the World Cup 2022 prediction page at BK8.

Step 2: On the prediction page, select the team you want to predict from the match list.

Step 3: Fill in the required information as requested by the platform and submit your prediction.

Following the prediction submissions, the outcome will be determined based on the final submission made by each member before the commencement of each round of matches. This ensures fairness and transparency in the evaluation process, giving every participant an equal chance to win.

Upon the conclusion of the event, BK8 will diligently compile and verify the results. Within 7 days from the event's conclusion, the list of winning members will be promptly updated and published on the promotion column of the BK8 website. This step ensures transparency and allows participants to verify the accuracy of the results, fostering trust and credibility in the platform.

Once the winners are announced, the prizes will be swiftly credited to the respective BK8 member's account. These prizes will be awarded in the form of lucky red envelopes, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. Additionally, winners will receive notification messages informing them of their winnings, ensuring that they are promptly informed of their success.

An important aspect of this promotion is that the rewards received do not require any turnover before how to withdraw bk8. This means that winners can enjoy the full benefit of their prizes immediately without any additional conditions or requirements. This feature distinguishes the BK8 World Cup prediction promotion as an exceptional opportunity for betting enthusiasts to earn additional income without any unnecessary hassle or delay.

In summary, the prediction event's transparent process, prompt announcement of winners, and hassle-free prize withdrawal policy highlight BK8's commitment to providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience for its members. This promotion not only adds excitement to the World Cup season but also offers participants a genuine chance to augment their earnings through their passion for sports betting.

Instructions for Participation:

The promotion is only applicable to BK8 member accounts with a minimum total bet of 1,000,000 VND at Sports providers throughout the World Cup 2022 event period. Prize rankings are based on the highest accumulated points of all participating members in accurately predicting the World Cup champion. Prediction history can be reviewed by checking the registered email on the prediction page. A total of 100 prizes are available for members with the highest accumulated points and earliest prediction submission to the platform. Terms and Conditions:

When participating in promotions at BK8, all members must comply with the terms and conditions set forth by the program. For the World Cup 2022 prediction event, BK8 members must:

Select VND as the preferred currency unit. Be honest, refrain from cheating, or threatening other players. Members found violating these rules will be disqualified from the World Cup Champion prediction event. BK8 reserves the right to revoke awarded prizes if the winning member fails to comply with the platform's terms and conditions. BK8's decision is final. Each individual is only allowed to participate in and receive rewards once for this program. Rewards are valid for 7 days after issuance. This World Cup prediction promotion cannot be combined with other BK8 promotions. BK8 reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, change terms, or terminate this bk8 bonus code at any time without prior notice. Members must adhere to BK8's general Terms & Conditions.


The above provides comprehensive details about the World Cup 2022 Champion Prediction event with prizes of up to 8,888,000 VND. To explore more exciting promotions offered by BK8, visit the official BK8 website now!


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