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Download 900k Rar

Nothing Phone 1 comes in with Camera2 API out-of-the-box, which simply means that you can easily sideload the GCam app on the Phone (1) without rooting it. There are a bunch of GCam ports compatible with the Nothing Phone 1, below you find all working ports with download links. You can download GCam 8.5 or GCam 8.4 ported by BSG, both ports are working on the Nothing Phone (1) without config files. Here are the download links.

Download 900k rar

Here is a new version Gcam that is 7.4, everyone wants to download Google Camera app, which is considered one of the best camera application in all aspects for more functions. It may take stunning photos and great night photography. In the latest Google camera 7.4 update you can adjust the number of NightScape shutter. 041b061a72


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