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Heart Of Ice By Rebecca Ruger ((HOT))

Upon being reunited with her family, her father reneges on his promise to Nicholas, leaving him with no other option but to now kidnap the lass himself to have the army promised him. Alice is stunned and outraged, and then powerless to prevent her heart from being enslaved.

Heart of Ice by Rebecca Ruger

The November/December 2020 issue of Beachcombing takes you to beaches around the world and gives you a sneak peek at what beachcombers find on their shores. From Lake Michigan to the North Sea and rivers in the heart of England, we have three stories about different kinds of marbles lucky beachcombers bring home. Collectors in Australia, Hawaii, Scotland, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey share their stories of special finds. We have photos from our beachcombing community of art made with beach finds and fun holiday beach décor ideas.

This issue features a rainbow of beach-found hearts of all types: beach glass, seashells, agates, rocks, and fossils. Learn how to identify seashells of all types and all about elusive groatie buckie shells. Read about a helicopter rescue for two beachcombers, the disappearance of a beloved landmark in Florida, pirate sea glass, a beach find that was valuable enough to pay for a year of college, and more.

Scotland at the beginning of the 14th century is not a peaceful place. Ross Kildare and his depleted army are headed home after months away, fighting the English, gaining no ground. In their travels, they come upon a scene of unspeakable horror, which pierces the hearts of even these hardened and battle-weary warriors. 041b061a72


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