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We Swing Both Ways 2.mp4 ^NEW^

Analyzr Pro 2.2 introduces Swing Sequences, which allow you to export one or both of swings in Analyzr's Viewers. Just set the 10 Positional Markers on the frames you'd like to export, and all ten are exported in beautiful format. Export one video in a wide 10 x 1 format or a more compact 5 x 2, or export both videos in stunning 10 x 2 format!

We Swing Both Ways 2.mp4

Get Social with Analyzr 2.0!Everyone loves to get "Likes," so both Analyzr Pro and Student include new features in 2.0 that make sharing your video files via social media easy! Whether you're sharing your own swing from Student or a recorded lesson you made using Analyzr Pro's world-class recording tools, Analyzr Student and Pro both let you upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. Simply log in, title your video, choose the permission levels, and click a button. Your video is uploaded and instantly viewable - and instantly shareable!

Before and After ComparisonsAnalyzr Pro and Student both provide two resizeable viewers for displaying the photos and videos in your Library. This gives you the ability to load up a "before and after" for comparison, to show improvement, or to load a "model" or a drill in one viewer and a golfer's swing in the other, to show what you're working towards. Analyzr Pro and Student can both export these two viewers, complete with all the lines and drawings you've made, so golfers can take their pictures to the range with them to practice. In fact, Analyzr Pro lets you type out notes before exporting or printing, so you can recap your lesson or the feels or mechanics that work for your student right there beneath the images! 041b061a72


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