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Movie Mature Women

Four women (Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen) have spent the last forty years bonding over their book club meetings. But when they read Fifty Shades of Grey together, they are inspired to make changes in their own lives, from finding new romances to rekindling old ones.

movie mature women

András Vayda (Tom Berenger) grows up in a turbulent, war-torn Hungary, where he procures local girls for the occupying G.I.s during World War II. Disappointed by the girls his age, he meets Maya (Karen Black), a married woman in her 30s, who tutors him in love and romance. Maya is only the first of many mature women whom András will meet through his teenage and young adult life.

From hidden gems like The Good Girl, starring 21-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal and 32-year-old celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston to the decidedly darker The Reader, starring Kate Winslet in her Oscar-winning performance, these movies all took a stab at showing the real-world Olivia Wilde-Harry Styles dynamic on-screen, for better or for worse. Read on to see which of your favorite actors have coupled up with slightly-to-much older ladies for a movie romance.

Caroline Noakes MP, the chair of the women and inequalities committee, has highlighted this issue on Twitter saying she has written to Ofcom to ask for a meeting about the under representation of women aged over 45 by UK broadcasters.

And when older women are shown, TV and film casting often favours women who have bodies that are the shapes and sizes of younger women. Research from the US has linked this to eating disorders and negative body image in older women.

I have recently written and performed a spoken word piece to raise awareness of this issue, in support of the Acting your Age campaign, which calls for equal career trajectory for men and women in the entertainment industry.

Hugh Quarshie, a Ghanaian-born British actor, who has also backed the campaign, likened the invisibility of older women on screen to past black representations in TV and film. He says serious pressure must be put on the producers and broadcasters to provoke rapid change and deal with the problem of invisibility.

As part of her research for the campaign, Clarke found that only 9% of UK viewers can recognise more than 15 women over the age of 45 on our screens compared to 48% of viewers who can easily identify more than 15 men of that age on screen.

While 50/50 gender split in roles and more older women cast in TV and film will help matters, what we really need is more women behind the camera and in the writing studios telling stories that women of all ages want to hear.

Amidst a sea of TV shows that focus on young, spritely, beautiful women, it's nice that the small screen is shifting to focusing on friendships between mature women as well. By mature, we mean women in their late-30s, 40s, 50s, or even older. Some have been friends for decades, since childhood, while in others, the women are new-found friends.

There are great shows that focus on mature females in their 20s and early 30s, like Insecure, Girls, and Workin' Moms. But only a few tackle what it's like for women later in life, and the complexities of those years when it comes to love, life, and friendship.

Sex and the City was already ground-breaking when it debuted in 1998 and centered around four single female friends living in New York City while navigating their 30s and 40s. It was unheard of to focus on a group of women at such a mature age.

So when the series was revived with And Just Like That, which continued the story with most of the same women now in their 50s, it hit the right chord. While the show hasn't been as well-received as hoped, and the jury is out on whether or not And Just Like That deserved a second season, the bottom line is that a show about women in their 50s is a positive step in the right direction.

This comedy tackles difficult subject matter with a group of women in their late 30s dealing with the death of one of their best friends. While the storylines are humorous, in the end, it's about three women coming together to grieve and re-evaluate their lives in three key different ways: marriage, parenting, and careers.

Thanks to the talented cast that includes Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Maggie Q, the show has largely been a success among viewers. The ladies might act immature at times, but as successful women with families and careers, they represent a part of the population that was never really explored as leads as commonly in the past as it is now.

Some are single while others remain in complicated relationships. Each is in a different economic and emotional place in their lives, which is something any group of female friends can relate to as they get older. But at its heart, On The Verge is about female friendship and how it can help get women through difficult times in their lives.

Soapier than some of the other shows on the list, this romantic drama focuses on three women who have been friends since childhood. Now mature adults, still get together to help one another through the various life challenges that come with getting older.

Sweet Magnolias touches on everything from romance to careers and family, with each woman going through their difficulties and crises. Questions about having kids later in life, dealing with divorce, starting businesses, and finding happiness are all central to the show. While Sweet Magnolias has characters who are likable and some that aren't, it remains among the best shows featuring mature females.

The women on Big Little Lies have been friends for a long time, and while they each live very privileged lives, none of them are truly happy. From unhappy marriages to domestic abuse, childhood trauma, and financial stress, each carries her burden but puts on a happy face when around others.

Despite all this, they stick by one another through thick and thin, even welcoming a new friend into the mix who doesn't have the same financial success as they do. At the core, however, is how these women become bonded for tragic reasons.

Focusing on two best friends, the interesting direction for Firefly Lane is that the women took very different paths in life as they got older. While Tully (Katherine Heigl) went on to achieve great success as a daytime talk show star, Kate (Sarah Chalke) went the traditional route, getting married, having a child, and becoming a housewife.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini shine in this comedy about two women who are brought together later in life under tragic circumstances. While the decks are stacked against them, however, they realize they need one another in their darkest moments.

The pair play off one another on Dead To Me beautifully, and while the show takes darker and darker turns each season, the two women and their budding and sometimes fractured friendship remains at the center of the story through it all. Dead To Me ranks not only among the best TV shows with mature females as leads but also as one of Netflix's best original comedies.

Based on the Elisabet Benavent novel En los zapatos de Valeria, this Spanish-language comedy-drama focuses on the title character, a writer who finds herself in a professional and personal rut. So, she does what most women in such a situation do and turns to her three best friends for support.

Through her journey, Valeria realizes her friends are going through their issues, and the quartet lean on one another as they navigate what challenges lie ahead in their respective lives. The ladies are younger than others on the list, but with established lives and in their 30s, they represent mature ladies re-evaluating their life journeys.

The oldest women of the bunch, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin portray women in their 70s (Fonda's character Grace turns 80 on the show) on Grace and Frankie dealing with complete upheaval in their lives. Out of the blue, they are informed that their husbands, who have been long-time business partners, are actually gay and have been secretly carrying on a relationship with one another for decades.

Reviews were generally upbeat and audiences polled by CinemaScore gavea decent B+ grade. Studio data showed that the crowd was 69% female and69% over 25. The summer box office is always heavy on testosterone filmsand this year has been no different. Ocean's 8provided counter-programming for adult women not interested in comic bookmovies and instead relied upon ample celebrity starpower to pull in thecrowds. Though some heavy hitters like Incredibles2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomare right around the corner and will attract every quadrant of movie fans,8 still has limited competition over the next month from filmsspecifically geared towards mature women so the road ahead looks good.

Bumped down to second place was the weakest member of the StarWars movie franchise - Solo.Disney witnessed a 49% drop in the third weekend to an estimated $15.2Mpushing the 17-day cume to $176.1M. This is not at all where the studiowas hoping to be at this point in the run. In fact the last stand-aloneStar Wars film RogueOne was ahead of this mark after just five days of release.Audiences will be distracted very soon by major tentpoles over the nexttwo weeks so a final domestic gross of about $215M might occur.

Overseas markets are not helping Solo.The brand has always seen international markets contribute a lower shareof the global gross compared to most action movie franchises. But the youngerHan pic is fading fast from a rough start and dropped 63% this weekendto only $11.3M for an offshore total of just $136.1M. Global is now $312.2Mand hitting $400M may not happen. Solowill probably end its global run below films like TheMummy, Terminator Genisys,and Warcraft.

The horror film Hereditary openedin fourth place with a respectable result grossing an estimated $13M froma very wide 2,964 locations for a decent $4,398 average. The R-rated chillerearned terrific reviews which helped spark interest and marketing materialswere effective too. But the Toni Collette film was met with an awful D+grade from moviegoers polled by CinemaScore so word of mouth may not takeit too far. 041b061a72


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