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Lecher Instrument

An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF). Most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC fields) or the change in an electromagnetic field over time (AC fields), essentially the same as a radio antenna, but with quite different detection characteristics. An EMF detector, you can carry around with you wherever you go, in a handbag or pocket, for example. It alerts you when you enter a high EMF area. On some models you can adjust the threshold level. An EMF meter will measure the electromagnetic radiation and display the reading on a dial or a digital display.

lecher instrument

Lecher Antenna is an instrument that measures the balance of organic energy at its various levels. It can accurately and efficiently determine the origin of a health problem by locating the organ or area where an energy blockage is originating. Lecher Antenna is an instrument that diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths. It is based on Nano technology which is used in atom level. It can detect energies and aggressions in environmental, architectural, and in human energy system.

Ernest Lecher, the German scientist (1856-1926) invented an instrument to know about the Geopathic radiation. Like a transistor radio, this instrument also have many different frequencies which are connected to the cosmic power.

According to Horoscope, due to the planet position, there may be problems in body, mind level, quarrels, fights, obstacles. To get rid of these we can choose the correct remedy with antenna, like going to the particular temples, checking the correct gem stones, to identify the karma problems, donating dress, food & doing correct homas. Even we can strengthen our name in numerology & pronology with lecher antenna.

Mr. Kamath, canara bank of Bangalore had hip pain & slanting posture of walking. I scanned & treated with lecher antenna for the growth of the cell & also detect that there is imbalance of carbon in his body. I gave him good results with pasting a charcoal carbon in his bed room. I checked the vastu of one retired officer in Jaya nagar. Under round water channel radiation intersect the lay lines like X. I controlled it by directional elements which is selected by lecher antenna.

To find the negative energies & vasthu defects I am using traditional method & Pendulum Dowsing. Now I am using lecher antenna. With this method, I am identifying the earth energy level (8.0) accurately. Combined the traditional method with Lecher Antenna I am giving vasthu remedies in many companies & houses successfully.

Hola Nilanka, apologies if this reply is too late. You can get information about buying the Lecher Antenna at Basically prices vary so email me via this link and I will answer any questions.

Understood. So I seem not to be able to insert the link for the list but A quick search for lecher antenna frequency list brought it up straightaway. I have not studied it but think it is probably worth looking at. So try it and i will see about putting the lists and manual on the blog or my website very soon.

Do I detect a note of sarcasm? Ah ha!. The instrument can be used in various ways, fairly reliably, providing one knows how to use it. It rests on the principle of resonance, so maybe if you like your shirt in a certain colour, it would agree with you. Then again, maybe it might even suggest something else. Writing a name means little unless it is connected energetically through some form of information and logic. Understanding how to measure subtle waves around the body is for most people, (especially technologically minded people) very helpful. Happy new year, to you all. .

One very important part of finalizing the instrument was to choose the right fittings and strings! In my eyes, putting a lot of effort in the making of an instrument also implies the need for good quality fittings so I made the decision to get simple but nice looking ebony fittings from Tempel and was very fortunate to receive financial support from the RAB trust towards the purchase of cello fittings.

June 23, 2009 at 10:19 PM i decided at age 25 to pick up a violin for the first time, after having looked @ playing violin as a dream that i'd never pursue. it's now been a couple months since i started, and a month since i found an excellent private instructor who i take lessons with once a week. i couldn't be more happy about my decision to start playing, and am so excited for what's to come! it's so inspiring to have found this site, especially seeing how many other adult beginners there are floating around, as well as teachers with experience instructing adults. i'd LOVE to hear some of your stories! when did you start? what made you decide to finally pick up the instrument? what did/do you find most difficult during the learning process? what's your biggest accomplishment thus far? any advice for a fellow beginner? i can't wait to hear your stories!

June 24, 2009 at 03:10 AM I guess the best way to put things is I have always had a hidden love for music but never had a chance to do much with it or to see if I had what it would take to play an instrument . My grade school time was spent with instructors who would rather work with those you already had either the desire , skills etc then to try to awaken it it those that did not know they had it or were to shy to ask ... Now at age 50 (well 49 +) and going through a divorce not of my choice I needed to hold on to something ,, a place that I could go , a "happy place ", a point of focus that lets me deal with all I have lost and will lose ... ALso the good fortune to rediscover the family Violin stored away years ago in the attic at the family farm . An instrument far better than my current skills or efforts, to hear the magic of the music it puts forth in the hands of my instructor or my luthier makes me long for the day I to will have the skills and heart to share it's warmth and joy.. This is what has set much of my efforts in motion that and the day that the clouds of saddness will leave and the joy of the sun shining once again ..It has been about a year now that I have been taking lessons, once a week . To date I struggle to meet what my teacher explains to me as to "lay a good foundation", hopefully I will really start to make music in the next few months .... I stuggle with the bad habits of learning to keep time tapping my foot , it seem just as I am on the scratchy edge of making music it wants to stop to listen .... timing goes out the window ... my other bad habit is I peek at my violin , it does not help in reading the sheet music ...very easy to lose one's place or not see what is ahead .

June 24, 2009 at 12:33 PM oh my goodness, thank you SO much to everyone who has responded! it's amazing to see how different everyone's circumstances were when beginning to play, yet how similar at the same time. i really appreciate everyone's advice and the fact that you shared your own personal stories. i, too, like many of you, had VERY little background in musical training...i played clarinet for a year in middle school and my heart wasn't at all into the instrument so i quit right before the learning got very advanced (when it was time to join the marching band come summer, i chose to wield a colorful flag for the colorguard instead). probably the one upside to my clarinet experience was learning to read music, and amazingly enough remembering the basics of reading music enough to make basic violin sheet music easy enough for me to get through. anne marie, i think it's AWESOME that you're back in school...i'm sure the change from conservatory musical learning is a whole other world, but you can do it...kudos for taking the first step and even trying! that's the hardest part!!! (i'm in the process of going back to school to finish my english degree, so i know about that too!). i love what you had to say about pushing that one aspect of your playing that you do well and making it a trademark of sorts...very encouraging not only to myself but probably everyone reading this thread! thanks again to everyone for sharing, i'm very much enjoying these stories and appreciate the encouragement:o) AMAzING.

"It's a violin," my husband said, "It LOOKS like a viola, so get used to it. I have an instructor lined up for you next month." That month seemed like the longest wait of my life. When I first put bow to string in my lesson, it was like magic. I could not understand why my daughter was so tired of playing her viola. Apparently, she was not feeling the magic that I was - even though I was playing an instrument I originally did not choose, I nevertheless fell in love with it.

I have to say, I am now approaching the end of my third year on the violin and the end of my first year on viola. I feel like Harry Potter - surrounded by magic. Each instrument creates its own spell - its own world. My arms miss holding them if I am out of town or my job prevents me from my normal practice. I get grumpy if I am 'away' too long. After a long day or a bad day - they are the perfect antidote. I play when I'm happy. I play when I feel sad. I play when I'm tense, and each time, the magic works. I'll have to explain that another time, I suppose, but I feel so blessed to be among the ranks of older students who have experienced music at a later time in their lives.

** after-note.....I ordered an upgrade to my student viola last week, and it arrived yesterday. It is an amazing instrument --- far larger than my student instrument, with a lung capacity that has amazing projection. The C and G strings are so deep I swear they sound like a cello. The instrument is so magnificant I named it "Adonis".

June 24, 2009 at 03:21 PM I, too, am an "old fart" violin beginner. I'm 46 and started playing the violin 2-1/2 years ago. I'd always wanted to try the violin because my grandfather was a fiddler, but ended up playing other instruments instead (the french horn and guitar) and singing in choirs. Finally decided to take the plunge and now I wonder why on earth I waited so long. I just love it so much! I think about my instrument (whose name is E.J.) all day every day, and sometimes I take him out of the case just to look at him because he's so handsome. But I can't look too long because my fingers are itching to make music. 041b061a72


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