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Sparking Meteor Kor

Such has been the fire of his hatred, that from time to time Be'lakor has managed to escape his curse. First, and most famously, in 1999 IC by binding his essence to the Warpstone meteorite that destroyed the cursed city of Mordheim. Amongst the city's blighted streets, Be'lakor was worshipped as the "Shadowlord," the Prince of Nightmares. Through the power of the Warpstone he had bound his essence to, Be'lakor gathered his will enough to lure to Mordheim the one who was to be the next Great Uniter of Chaos Undivided, Khaardun the Gloried, and possess his body. But the Shadowlord was deceived, for by the very act of binding his essence to the Warpstone meteorite, he trapped himself within the cursed city.[7b][10a]

Sparking meteor kor

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With vast quantities of Warpstone, Be'lakor believed he would be able to restore his former glory, so he began hoarding the vile substance. While this seems the likeliest explanation, little survived after the city was struck by the meteor. What is known is that he ruled the city as the Dark Emperor, and his word was law. His minions were the Cult of the Possessed, former Men who had surrendered themselves to the Ruinous Powers and daemonic possession. Daemons walked the streets, and all of Be'lakor's servants gathered more and more Warpstone to create even more of these abominations. In the end, Be'lakor's rage and hatred consumed the fragile Warpstone shell that housed him, sending him screaming back to the Realm of Chaos.[7b][10a]

Jang spent most of her childhood in her birthplace, Yeokchon-dong, Eunpyeong District in Seoul, South Korea. She appeared with her father, Ju Ho-seong who is also an actor, in the play Les Misérables in her primary school days, thus sparking her interest in becoming an actress. Jang also went on to become a model for television advertisements in her high school days before entering Chung-ang University's Department of Theater, Faculty of Fine Arts where she majored in Theater and Film in March 2000. She graduated 10 years later, on February 19, 2010. The delay was due to her continuous work since her debut after she entered the university. She also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the university during the graduation rites.[1]

Shield + Neutral Special: Crush: Once in Over Limit form, Yuri will punch the ground to create a fair sized cluster of rocks to appear on stage. If he does it in the air, he would just punch on the air that can easily meteor smash airbone foes and burry grounded foes if and only he's on the air. Think of this as his version of Terry's Power Wave


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