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Chicago White Sox Live Stream

I list fuboTV in the top spot here for a few reasons. First, unlike DIRECTV STREAM, they carry NBC Sports Chicago as part of their base package which saves cord cutting White Sox fans about $300 per year. Next, other than DIRECTV STREAM, fuboTV is the only live TV streaming provider that carries the Marquee Sports Network, which is home to Cubs baseball, and again they offer the channel in their base package. Now, I fully understand that there is a major rivalry between Sox fans on the South Side and Cubs fans to the north, but why not get as much MLB coverage as possible for the best rate?

Chicago White Sox Live Stream

Authenticated live streaming for White Sox games on NBC Sports Chicago is exclusively on the NBC Sports app. The MyTeams app no longer hosts White Sox live streaming, but MyTeams will link to the NBC Sports app to make it easy to find. Keep checking the MyTeams app for all the latest news, highlights and analysis. 041b061a72


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