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40.3k Mails Access.txt __HOT__

It was only in the mid-1990s that email hosting service like America Online (AOL), Echomail, Hotmail, and Yahoo emerged. The first webmail client was created by Phillip Hallam-Baker at CERN in 1994, with Hotmail being founded only two years later. When it was launched users were limited to just 2MB of storage, which is why emails didn't yet have the ability to attach photos.

40.3k mails access.txt

To be fair, remember how we mentioned there were connected networks across the globe even before the Internet proper? One of those was ERNET of which the five IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Madras), IISc Bangalore, the National Center for Software Technology (NCST) of Bombay and DoE were a apart of. In 1986, when there were no ISPs, these institutions were using a dial-up link to exchange emails around the world with other academics and certain companies.

I don't think that's good, Indeed what I want to achieve is receiving emails from users that do some particular action because those are the users I'm interested in (for example users that looked at "CV" page and used the proper contact form). So if the user do something I want, I start tracking its session and set a cookie (I always set session cookie, but when I don't start a session it is just a fake cookie made to believe the user has a session). If the user do something unwanted I don't bother keeping a session for him so no overload etc.

What I'm using is a combination of fake form fields (also described as invalid fields in case a browser is used that doesn't handle CSS in general or display: none in particular), sanity checks (i. e. is the format of the input valid?), time stamping (both too fast and too slow submissions), MySQL (for implementing blacklists based on e-mail and IP addresses as well as flood filters), DNSBLs (e. g. the SBL+XBL from Spamhaus), text analysis (e. g. words that are a strong indication for spam) and verification e-mails (to determine whether or not the e-mail address provided is valid).

One note on verification mails: This step is entirely optional, but when one chooses to implement it, this process must be as easy-to-use as possible (that is, it should boil down to clicking a link contained in the e-mail) and cause the e-mail address in question to be whitelisted for a certain period of time so that subsequent verifications are avoided in case that user wants to make additional posts. 041b061a72


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