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Richie's Plank Experience Patch

Every Quest game runs the risk of using the console's features in a way that feels gimmicky and shallow, but few games embrace that risk as wholeheartedly as "Richie's Plank Experience." The game's primary appeal is in the title. It lets you "walk the plank" on a high rise skyscraper, which can be an incredibly disorienting experience if it's one of your first explorations of VR. After you've gotten the lay of the land on the Quest, however, there's almost no reason to ever return to this particular game.

Richie's Plank Experience Patch


Game Description: Together VR can be played on the PSVR if you get the adult patch. You have a stunning woman who is not interested in anybody but you. She is wearing some skimpy shorts and she wants to further your relationship while also admiring every inch of you. You can view her naked body and you will easily be able to immerse yourself in this experience if you give it a go. This is a Steam game, but you can play it on the PS with remote play.


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