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Michael Jackson Bad Album Zip 12

Michael Jackson Bad Album Zip 12

Michael Jackson's Bad is one of the most iconic albums of all time, released on August 31, 1987, by Epic Records. The album features 11 tracks, including nine written by Jackson himself, and two collaborations with Siedah Garrett and Stevie Wonder. The album was a huge commercial and critical success, selling over 45 million copies worldwide and winning two Grammy Awards. It also spawned nine official singles, five of which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, some fans may not know that there is a rare version of the album called Bad Album Zip 12, which contains 12 tracks instead of 11. This version was released only in Japan as a limited edition CD in 1988, and it includes a bonus track called "Streetwalker". This song was originally recorded for the album, but was replaced by "Another Part of Me" at the last minute. The song is a funky dance-pop tune that showcases Jackson's vocal range and groove. It also features a rap verse by Jackson, which was uncommon for him at the time.


The Bad Album Zip 12 is a highly sought-after collector's item among Jackson's fans, as it is very hard to find and expensive to buy. The CD is packaged in a zippered leather case with a metal badge that says "BAD" on it. The case also contains a booklet with lyrics and photos of Jackson. The CD itself has a different cover art than the original album, featuring a close-up of Jackson's face with sunglasses and a leather jacket. The CD also has a different track listing than the original album, with "Streetwalker" placed between "Man in the Mirror" and "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".

The Bad Album Zip 12 is a rare and valuable piece of music history, as it showcases Jackson's creative process and artistic vision. It also offers fans a chance to hear one of his unreleased songs that was later included in his posthumous album Bad 25 in 2012. The song "Streetwalker" is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition and appreciation from Jackson's fans and music lovers alike.


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