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A man wears a yarmulke to visit the Riverside Cemetery on Monday in Oswego. Dozens of people rode along on a bus tour of refugee gravesites as part of a day of events to commemorate the arrival of 982 Holocaust refugees at the Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter in Oswego 75 years ago. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

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The music producer, sentenced last month to 19 years to life in a US prison for killing actress Lana Clarkson, had to take off the wig and is now wearing a Jewish yarmulke (skull cap) in his cell, his publicist Hal Lifson said.

The Sebban family was a traditional and religious one. Brisbane has a small Jewish community and Dovid and his siblings went to public schools. When he was about 15 years old be became active in Betar and decided to start wearing a yarmulke all the time; this public identification as a Jew made it important for him to know more about being Jewish and explaining things to others. After graduating high school he went to Israel for a gap year, spending a few months at a machon camp (for aspiring Jewish leaders) and more time studying at a Sephardic yeshiva. After returning to Brisbane and studying electrical engineering at university, he decided to change course, moving to Sydney to study at the Yeshiva Gedolah and then to Crown Heights in 1990-1991, where he received smicha. 041b061a72


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