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Mature Legs

Mature larvae collected from Georgia ephemeral habitats were cultured into the adult stage and identified and described as Thermonectus basillaris.The legs of T. basillaris have fewer spiniform sensilla than reported for Acilius mediatus, and it appears that its two large dorsal stemmata are more massive than those of A. mediatus. These morphological differences indicate that nektonic larvae of T. basillaris and A. mediatus may be exploiting different prey regimes.

mature legs

Lice have three pairs of legs which makes them true insects. Lice do not have wings or powerfuljumping legs so they move about by clinging to hairs with claw-like legs. Head lice prefer tolive on the hair of the head although they have been known to wander to otherpartsof the body. Head lice do not normally live within rugs, carpet, orschool buses.

The eggs of lice arecalled nits. They are oval white cylinders(1/16 inch long). The eggs of head lice are usually glued to hairs of thehead near the scalp. The favoriteareas for females to glue the eggs are near the ears and back of thehead. Under normal conditions the eggs will hatch in seven to 10 days. The young lice which escape from the egg must feed within 24 hours or they will die. Newly hatched lice will periodically take blood meals and molt three times before becoming sexually mature adults. Normally a young louse will mature in 10 to 12 days to an adult (1/8 inch in length). Adults range in color from white to brown to dark gray.

Children should be encouraged not to share combs, hats, and other personal belongings. Daily washing and changing of clothes and keeping hair as short as possible will also help discourage lice; however, head lice should not be solely associated with uncleanness since they may be easily transferred from person to person. Periodic inspections will aid in early detection of any individual lice which are more easily controlled than advanced infestations where dozens of mature lice and possibly hundreds of nits are present. During the early fall months (August through November) children should be inspected weekly because back-to-school seems to be when lice are most commonly transmitted resulting in widespread infestations by December and January. September is National Head Lice Prevention Month.

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