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5 : Your Thorn, My Badge ^NEW^

After watching the introduction to the new DNA Splicers made by Sliph Co., head to the computer to your room and withdraw the available Potion. After talking to your mom downstairs, head outside and you'll be confronted by your rival. He'll show off his official Pokémon trainer license before heading to the lab. Instead of following him to the lab, head upwards and Prof. Oak appears, telling you it's dangerous to go without a Pokémon, before taking you back down into his lab. Then he'll show three starter Pokémon to choose from.

5 : Your Thorn, My Badge

After choosing your starter, your rival will fuse the other two starters together. Before you exit out of the lab, he will challenge you to your first Pokémon battle while showing off his very first fused Pokémon.

After beating the league, your mom tells you that Professor Oak wants to speak to you. Go talk to him at his lab and he will tell you that Professor Elm in Johto has some information for you. He then give you HM08, allowing you to cross the waterfall in Tohjo Falls.

Head West from Viridian City and Route 26 towards Tohjo Falls. Cross the waterfall and continue West to New Bark Town. Talk to Professor Elm in his lab and he will tell you that he needs you to obtain 2 Johto badges before he can trust you with his intel.

from Saffron City. The Gym will now be open. To reach Whitney, you have to interact with the gates and answer the questions about the Pokémon that pass through. The first question asks you to count the number of Pokémon. The second question asks you to count the number of Pichu. The third question asks you to count the number of different species. Defeat Whitney to obtain the first Johto badge.

From Goldenrod City, head South through Ilex Forest until you reach Azalea Town. Upon arriving, Kurt tells you that the Slowpoke Well has flooded the entire town. Find a suspicious character named Eusine near the well and talk to him. He will claim that he has nothing to do with the flood. Talk to him again and he will challenge you to a battle. After defeating him, he will admit that he is the one who flooded the well by " jamming a bunch of Shellders in it" and leave. Go tell this information to Kurt and he will give you HM09 Dive to go save the Shellders in the well. Teach the HM to one of your Pokémon and dive in the well. Push the Slowpokes onto the Shellders to solve the puzzle and drain the well. The town will then return to normal and Kurt will come and tell you that you can go to the gym and challenge him. To solve the Gym puzzle, you have to touch the spider webs in the correct order. The order is random each time you enter the gym, but a sound will play when you touch the correct one. Defeat Kurt to claim the second Gym badge.

Head over to the Gym to challenge Falkner. The gym is divided in two sections. In the first part, you need to run against the wind and use the blocks to avoid getting blown back until you reach the elevator. Make sure to run or you will not be able to make it far enough. In the second part, you have to time your movements to avoid getting pushed by the wind and fall down to the first section. The wind pushes you down 2 tiles each time it blows, so you have to keep this in mind to navigate the section and find safe spots before it does. Turning off Turbo mode helps a lot. Make your way to Falkner and defeat him to claim the third Johto badge.

You can challenge the Blackthorn gym right away. The gym puzzle is the same as in the generation 2 games. Push the boulders through the holes on the second floor to clear a path through the lava. Defeat Claire to earn the 4th Johto gym badge.

Head East to Kindle Road and follow the road North until you see a sign on a small island. Head East towards Brine Road. You will find a Sunken Ship with a hole similar to the one in the Ice Mountains. Continue North to reach Boon Island. On Boon Island, enter the Joyful Game Corner. When you exit, a man will tell you that he needs your help to save his Jumpluff in the Golbat Soar competition. Go back inside the Game Corner and participate in Golbat Soar. Land on the Jumpluff to save it, then exit the minigame. The man will give you the Spring Boots, which will allow you to cross the holes the Ice Mountains and the Sunken Ship.

Before heading back to the Ice Mountains, head North from Boon Island. You will find Chuck, the Gym Leader from Cyanwood City in Johto under a waterfall. Talk to him to challenge him to a battle and earn the 5th Johto gym badge.

To solve the Gym puzzle, you need to push the Pokéball in such a way that allows you to score a goal. You need to use the Gym trainers to block the Pokéball's path and align it correctly. A good strategy is to aim towards the center of the Pokéball markings on the ice. It is possible for som trainers to get misaligned. In which case you should exit and re-enter the gym to reset their positions. Score a goal to open the gate and defeat Pryce to earn the 6th Johto badge.

Head West from Mahogany Town. You may optionally enter Mt. Mortar for a random static encounter on top of the waterfall that changes each in-game day, or just continue West until you reach Ecruteak City. Enter the Burnt tower to find Morty. You need to jump into the hole and climb back up on the other side to access the ladder to the second floor. Make your way to Morty, avoiding the Gastly's that try and push you off the planks. Talk to him and he will go back to his Gym.

After obtaining the city's badge, head over the dance hall and fight all the Kimono Girls.After defeating all of them, Alder, the champion from Unova who was watching you will come up to you and tell you about a strange energy signature on top of the Bell Tower. He will give you the Light Stone and Dark Stones, which allow you to enter the tower from a building on the North side of the city.

On each floor of the tower, there is a bell. Ringing it will make one side of the tower completely dark.You have to make your way to the statues in the darkness to find the secret switches to open the gates to the next floor. When you reach the roof of the tower, ring the bell to make Reshirom, a fusion between Reshiram and Zekrom appear.

After encountering Reshirom, Alder will tell you to share your discovery with Colress, a Unovan scientist investigating a strange icy rock at Lake of Rage. Fly over to the Lake of Rage and interact with the icy rock. It will react to the Light and Dark Stones and cover the entire lake with ice. Clear the ice puzzle to make your way to Kyurem in the center of the lake. The ice puzzle is quite difficult, but a good strategy is to start from the top of the lake. Talk to Colress after catching Kyurem and he will go start working on a Triple Fusion machine to recreate the original Tao dragon. Interact with the ice rock to return the lake to normal.

Optionally, you can go into the Rocket Warehouse on the Southern part of Chrono Island. Make your way to the room in the back and you will catch the Rocket admin having a meeting with members of Team Plasma. Defeat her to get Team Rocket to leave the building. Upon exiting the building, you will hear Team Plasma talking about "Experiment G". Go to Chrono Island's harbour to follow them to the P2 Laboratory in Unova. Enter the laboratory and defeat the Plasma grunts. You will find Genesect in the room at the back of the laboratory.

Need a custom badge fast? Choose from one of the available styles and have the badge manufactured in 5 business days!!!Go to Badge Express icon on bottom of the visual badge options to start designing.

Badges are the signs of achievements unlocked in the Cactus McCoy series. There are a total of 80 badges to unlock (except the removed "Poker Night") in the first game, Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns, while there are only 60 in the second game, Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera.

In sport, some national and club teams include one or more stars as part of (or beside) the team badge (often referred to as a "crest") appearing on their kits, often on the shirts, to represent important achievements for the team's history. Generally inspired by the star symbol in heraldry, since the late 1950s, when it was introduced for the first time in association football, various national governing bodies at club level and some confederations have also regulated the practice.

In Scotland, Rangers displayed five stars above the badge on their shirts in 2003 to symbolize their 50 league titles. Celtic, who also have more than 50 league titles, have one star above their badge to represent their triumph in the 1967 European Cup. Aberdeen displayed two stars to commemorate their 1980s wins in the European Cup Winners' Cup and European Super Cup.[7]

Germany has two official star systems operating in parallel. In 2004, the DFL, which governs the Bundesliga (the top two divisions), introduced Verdiente Meistervereine (roughly "distinguished champion clubs"). This has a sliding scale of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars for 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 titles.[8] It includes only Bundesliga titles, excluding titles from before the formation of the Bundesliga in 1963, and from the former East German League. Dynamo Berlin (playing in the fourth level) unilaterally began wearing three unapproved stars for its East German titles.[9] In November 2005, the DFB, which governs non-Bundesliga football, allowed former champions playing outside the Bundesliga to display a single star inscribed with the number of titles.[10] In 2007, Dynamo Berlin switched to a single approved star inscribed with the number 10. Greuther Fürth retains three silver stars on its club badge to celebrate three pre-Bundesliga titles, but the stars are not featured on its shirts.

Occasionally, stars are added to badges of successor or phoenix clubs for the achievements of defunct predecessors. An example of this is the Tampa Bay Rowdies. They added a star to represent the Soccer Bowl, the championship of the original NASL, won by the original Tampa Bay Rowdies in 1975. The club has since added a second star, after the new club won the 2012 edition of the resurrected Soccer Bowl in the new NASL, and kept both stars upon joining the USL Championship.[13] MLS teams who won titles in other leagues prior to joining the MLS do not retain the stars worn by the old clubs when they joined the MLS.[nb 1] In the case of the Impact, the new team paid tribute to the former team's first title through the stripes on their badge.[14] 041b061a72


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