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Barista Pinotage Where To Buy

100% Pinotage. Produced by Val de Vie Estate in the heart of the Cape Winelands, where wine production dates back to 1825. Val de Vie is a lifestyle estate offering world-class polo and equestrian facilities and is enhanced by vineyards, green pastures, the Berg River frontage, and endless views of the Franschhoek and Paarl mountains. Barista is a brand developed by Bertus "Starbucks" Fourie in conjunction with Vinimark The Wine Company, South Africa's largest independent specialist wine company who distributes and markets some of the country's best-known wine brands both locally and abroad. A Barista (of Italian origin) is someone who has an exceptional level of skill in coffee preparation and is known for his/her signature style of coffee - a term which aptly describes Bertus and the name of his wine. As a Coffee Pinotage wine, a style pioneered by Bertus over a decade ago, Barista draws out the coffee-like aromas from South Africa's signature Pinotage grape and is the creme of the Pinotage blends.

barista pinotage where to buy

From the Val de Vie wine estate in the heart of the cape winelands, where wine production dates back to 1825. This is a deliberately modern offering by winemaker Bertus Fourie, who has concentrated on drawing out the coffee-like aromas of South Africa's signature grape (a crossing of Pinot Noir & Cinsault).Intense on the nose, with a bouquet of coffee, chocolate and cherry, with subtle savoury hints. The tannins are ripe, perfectly suiting the round and mouth-filling plum and mulberry fruit.Drink on its own or with red meat dishes or your favourite pizza.Bertus recommends a blue cheese-filled brandy snap with chocolate and roasted coffee beans! 041b061a72


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